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FSH and AMH – Determining Ovarian Reserve

low testostrone

Same tho on the porn and the mstrb. But it is better to deal with someone who is knowledgeable on the subject and open to the idea of women benefiting from testosterone therapy. But, not many people know about the methadone situation.

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When I returned the following day I was told that they had been unable to source it, were still trying, and I needed to come back again the next day. Leave this field empty. We obviously have some issues to work through and I would like to seek alternative options as well as seeing a fertility specialist on March 3rd at San Diego Fertility Center. It seems like ALL options have advantages and disadvantages. So I am 31, being trying to conceive for over a year now. Scanned from head to toe side to side.

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Catalase Fluorescent Activity Kit. Ceruloplasmin Colorimetric Activity Kit. Corticosterone Chemiluminescent Immunoassay Kit. Cortisone Chemiluminescent Immunoassay Kit. Creatinine Serum Detection Kit. Creatinine Urinary Detection Kit. Formaldehyde Fluorescent Detection Kit. Certainly, your fastest and best chances for pregnancy are with IVF. It was successful in the past so I would like to believe that it will be in the future.

Hi, I am 36, my FSH is 9. Donor egg will always be an option. At 36 your success rate with donor egg will not change if you are 37 or If you want to have a child with your own eggs then you have to seek the help of someone who can help you make the changes you need, naturally. If you give it months to make the changes hopefully we will see the results you hope for. If at that point you are not successful Donor egg is always an option. I would love to review you case. If you would like, here is the information for an online consultation: My 3rd day hormonal test results were as follows: My thyroid hormone levels were: I am 41 years old, and trying for my first.

What are my chances of getting pregnant with my own eggs? What can I do to improve my chances and egg quality? Thank you for your help and advice! Your numbers show that you have enough eggs in reserve, which is great. I would assume that to make the needed changes to your levels would take about months. If you are willing to put in the time and make the changes needed then I think you can conceive on your own.

I dont recommend waiting if you are not going to do anything about this. If you are going to be proactive then I believe a lot can be done. You have to decide how much time you are willing to put in, and that you are ok waiting for, before you move toward IVF.

We could always review your blood work and create a plan for you if you would like. We are now offering skype consultations if you are not close to southern california. We would love to see what else can we do for you. Hi Gopal We are sorry to tell you that this is not enough information to make a diagnosis but the first thing I would rule out is PCOS. I am unable to give recommendations without a consultation.

You are welcome to schedule a consultation. Here is the link to do so. And my LH My question is if it is possible with such high level to bring them down? I already trying accupuncture and vitamins en also shativari. I also Gonna try the herbal tea that the Chinese woman give me. I realy Wanna know if there is still a little hope or if it is useless. Hi Amavel These certainly are high numbers however it is difficult for me to give feedback as I know very little about your medical history.

These numbers do not make me feel confident however you age is in our favor. To change these numbers will take time and effort if it is possible. I would love to talk more about your case. If you are not in California, we offer skype consultation as well.

Hi Amavel You need a whole plan to take control of your fertility. You are doing things right acupuncture, supplements, tea… but it all needs to be part of a plan. Doing things here and there might be very confusing and frustrating for you, as you might not see results. I am going to send you an email right now. Hi Manasa Has your doctor done any lab work? Hi, I am 41 years old and have had two failed IVF cycles.

In a previous post you emntioned that not all Maca supplements are created equal. I buy the Navita Naturals gelatinized powder. Could you let me know your thoughts on this brand? Hi Meg I just wrote you an email. I am going to be talking about Maca and other supplements to enhance fertility on my youtube channel very soon. It will be short, but very explanatory.

You can check the videos we have right now here http: I anticipated trying naturally but also wanting to go through embryo freezing in knowing I want several children. I conducted my first round of tests and they were devastating.

Is there any possibility that because of the IUD or because of my extreme stress job and life and rigorous diet and workout routine I train 5 days a week 1. Andrea I am sorry to hear about your situation and the prognosis you have been given. Everything we do will affect our health and conversely our fertility. Stress, lifestyle, diet among other factors will absolutely affect your fertility. These levels are incomplete and not completely accurate with the fact that you have not had a cycle.

With your age I do believe that there is hope, but you have some work to do to correct the current issues. I help women with similar circumstances often, and with some work from all of us, change and pregnancy may be possible. I am happy to help if you need. If you are not in San Diego, we can have an online consultation. Let me know if this is something you would be interested into. Hi — I am 41 years old trying to conceive and my amh level is.

What are my chances of conceiving with my own eggs via IVF? I have conceived naturally before. I think you are on the right path and doing the right things. If you decide to use IVF I think your chances are good, but a lot of that will depend on the protocol you are prescribed and the IVF clinic you go to.

If you need support during your IVF, I can give you guidance to make your cycle the most successful it can be. I am 32 years old and have never pregnant. I have been trying to conceive for a year but have been unsuccessful.

I recently went to the fertility specialist where they did major blood work to check on my hormones because I had a missed period in November and June of Yesterday, I got a call from the fertility specialist my AMH level is.

Is there a chance for me to get pregnant with my own eggs? I am both shocked and devastated to find this out. I am so confused and getting too emotional while the rest of my blood work is being processed!!?

Any advise or support is greatly appreciated. Did anyone else go through this? Hi Zhe, I have seen this and I do not think that this is accurate. I would have them check your Vitamin D levels. There is some research on vitamin D and AHM levels. Please feel free to call me for a free consultation. I can put you on a plan to improve your AHM and overall fertility naturally. Hi I am having missing periods since 4 months. I am having initially subclinical hypothyroidism.

TSH levels in range of 5. What should i d? Hi Priya You need to get your thyroid under control. You dont have subclinical thypothyroidism, you have hypothyroidism. You need to find someone who can help you. We are happy to help if you would like to work with us. We offer complimentary online consultations. If you would like, enter your contact information on our site or email frontdesk reproductivewellness. This website is so informative.

Hi AC I dont have enough information to be able to give you my thoughts but in general you will have higher odds of success with donor at your age. If you would like, we can have a phone conversation to review your full case. I offer skype and phone consultations.

If this is something you would be interested into, you can find more info here consult. Fatima With your current levels you are not a good candidate for IVF.

I would recommend you give yourself months at 32 years of age you have a bit of time to invest in yourself to make the needed changes. As for a plan, you can connect with me with this link to schedule a time to talk.

Please click here and add your information and we will contact you to schedule a free consultation. I am 37 years old. First pregnancy at 36 ended in early pregnancy loss.

Have not been able to get pregnant since. I recently had blood work on the 16th day of my cycle. Am having an ultrasound and hystopingography due to painful periods…. Hi Ema On day 16 of your cycle your fsh is not accurate for our needs.

This needs to be done on Day 2, 3 or 4 with LH and E2. Your AMH is low but I dont trust this number. Watch my video on AMH, here is the link https: My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for the past year with no luck — I am 31 years old and he is 30 years old. We obviously have some issues to work through and I would like to seek alternative options as well as seeing a fertility specialist on March 3rd at San Diego Fertility Center.

Do you think you could help us? I would love to try other things to help us improve our chances. Thank you so much!! I am 43 years old and have never pregnant. I recently went to the fertility specialist for IVF treatment, where they did major blood work to check on my hormones because I had a missed period in November and June of I am so confused and getting too emotional while the rest of my blood work of my day2 processed!!?

I am 43 years old and I have been pregnant twice but all ended in a miscarriage. A recent blood work revealed that my FSH is Will I be a good candidate for IVF? I am taking sprulina, maca, dhea, royal jelly, wheatgrass, L-arginine, and vitamin C in my smoothie every morning, I am also on prenatal, coq10, maca ,omega 3 and wheat germ oil.

Will this help me or harm me. Your Input will be greatly appreciated. Hi — am 37 years old, never been pregnant, have the following test results: We got 18 eggs, 15 mature, only 8 fertilized, 7 normally and of those 7, 3 embryos were too fragmented to transfer. We will have a frozen transfer in 3 weeks, am taking pronatal supplements.

We have 3 day 3 embryos frozen and 1 morula…. Charly thank you for your post. Regarding you question about acupuncture I do think that it would be beneficial to help with the FET. My thoughts about your last cycle are that I would be concerned that your protocol or dosages were not appropriate for you. I think this deserves another look. If you would like me to review your case, you can schedule a free consultation here: Just looking for some other insite on my situation.

Got pregnant almost one year ago, miscarried at 6. He said Clomid alone is useless. I am still thinking on what to do. I started seeing an acupunturist who says my levels are great, opposite of what doctor said. She had me immediately cut off coffee, sugars, soda and cut back on salt.

My HSG came back normal as well, no blockage. Lisa I dont have enough information. I would like to know what your LH is. Based on what you told me I also think that your E2 is too low for my liking and I would like to see your husbands morphology increase for natural conception. I think it is premature to jump into IUI cycles for you. In my opinion you are young and have time to try naturally as long as you make some changes on your end.

I would love to review your case and study if you really need an IUI. I am 39 yrs and never been pregnant. I want to get pregnant with my own egg.

Suggest me what should be done. Rekha, Unfortunately this is not enough information for me to be able to give you feedback. If you would like to have my thoughts please schedule a free consultation with me to discuss your reproductive history.

Here is the link consult. I want to know that my AMH is My doctor is giving me medicine to reduce the AMH, but i want to ask that what exrcise and diet should i take to reduce this AMH. My doctor is giving me medicine to reduce the AMH, but i want to ask that what exercise and diet should i take to reduce this AMH.

I just turned We have been told a donor egg is our best chance. My doctor adviced me to go through birth controlling pills. Which i stop having from last 3 months.. And the day i stopped having pills my periods stops too.. Nazia PCOS requires a complete plan that is customized for you. I am happy to help you do this if you like.

You can go to consult. Kala, If you are able to treat and control your thyroid you did not mention what your thyroid issue is you should have a good chance. Hi my husband and i have be TTC for the past 7 months. Im 38 and he will be 40 this august. We visited an RE 2months ago.

The his Sperm Analysis was normal. Started trying to conceive for the 1st time at 35, pregnant after 3 cycles. Miscarriage at 35 yrs old. Difficulty conceiving since miscarriage 5 months. What are my chances of conceiving I am now 36 yrs old with my own eggs?? We consulted infertility and they suggested to go for IVF but her age is 27 and I am not able to decide…Could you please suggest…she has a thyroid as well with 6.

I have a day 3 FSH of Do those odds sounds about right and what are your thoughts on DHEA? Hi Jane, I think these odds sound very low and not appropriate for you and your individual history. If you want, I would love to talk with you. You can schedule a free fertility assessment with me here consult. I hope you can help. After undertaking some prelim tests the docs advice is that i should have egg donation and that there is little chance of any eggs being found.

Although I believe that there is a lot you can do to influence these numbers I dont know how much progress you will be able to make in only 3 months. All the therapies you mentioned are steps in the right direction. To make your progress faster, more direct and appropriate for you I would recommend you seek the guidance of someone who can guide you.

If you would like my help, I will need a lot more information that what you have provided me. We can chat over skype or phone. Please feel free to book a consultation with me http: My question is would those number look consistant with Perimenopause?

My Doctor doesnt think I am but my cycles range from cd with this past year my period lasting 3 days. Am I missing something else to test? Im 34 with FSH 7. What are my chances of conceiving with AI? I think that your chances are very good with these numbers. If you would like to improve them, we can schedule a consultation over phone or skype.

You could do so here http: I recently had my CD3 test done as I thought I might be perimenopausal due to my cycles. They are anywhere from , and have gone from a 5 day period to a 3 day period. Would these numbers be an idea that it might possible?

You seem to have started gathering the right information. Your CD3 labs look for the most part fine. Clearly something is off, and not perimenopause, as your cycles are not long enough. This is something that needs to be addressed in my opinion. Right now I am not sure. To schedule a free consultation with me http: I hope that the website is still active. So I am 31, being trying to conceive for over a year now. I had done my hormone test on day 3, and FSH was 15 and Estradiol was less than My dr requested that i do amh which was 1.

My weight is stable, my BMI is normal. I have had a thorough hormonal checkup. I have taken action and changed my lifestyle as much a I can, i practice yoga for destress and for fertility, i go out for walks, i have changed my diet, i am taking supplements, drinking a lot of water, resting, trying to relax , and i am going to a therapist to treat my depression which was also related to stress.

I have seen improvements, everyone around me say that physically and emotionally, i sound and look better, i dont feel as tired as before.. I am doing self fertility massage, and at times self hypnosis, i am determined to improve my numbers.

Would I be eligible for IVF?? I am a bit anxious and dont know what to expect. Two years ago I had an endometrioma on my right ovary that ruptured causing massive internal bleeding and required a rapid blood transfusion. I recently had day 3 labs done and this is what I received back: Do I have premature ovarian failure with these numbers? Will I be able to conceive with fertility treatments?

Can I use my own eggs? What are my chances of getting pregnant? This blood work was done to check my thyroid and the fertility aspect was not addressed. Oh, my tsh results are: I m 26… I got my test done on 2nd day of my menstrual cycle ….. I am 52, had two healthy children, recently married a healthy 51 who wishes to have another child.

My blood testing at Day 3: Hi, I am 45 years age and have 8 year old daughter and would like to conceive kindly suggest as per the following details whether I can get pregnant and AMH test report is awaited: I know there is an extremely if not impossible chance that I would become pregnant naturally, but my husband and I would like to try to conceive naturally rather than ivf unless we could find a place that would allow us to use our own eggs.

Cal, and Mr Universe all natural, I did know how to work out. I was pretty sculpted, pounds, until I ballooned. After 6 months on a very low protein, low carb diet, about a net cal a day. Net being total calories minus my cardio work out , only cardio workout w occasional sit ups, waist twists, I dropped to ponds, size 28 men, size 4 in women.

It is like a rubberized corset. As soon as you out it on you are four sizes smaller, and gives you a great feminine shape. I shared this w a doctor and an engineer and they both agreed. What happens is you start not eating as much on the weekends as well. If anyone would like to see if this really works have a look on my Facebook page at my before and after pics, I went mad and got rid of the muscle mass in about 6 months. I am recovering from a 36 day water fast where I lost about 40 pounds down to Sadly, I lost some of my nice curves in the process, and eventually entered catabolysis and broke the fast as my heart has having issues.

I had thought that my prefered range was to be lbs, but I have scaled that down to Part of this was out of panicking about reaching only 5 days from the fast. I am hoping that whatever fat I add will add back into gynoid areas, but I suppose time will tell.

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Iamges: low testostrone

low testostrone

What are my chances of getting pregnant? As ovarys were not removed it was assumed in those days that they would still function. Two years ago I had an endometrioma on my right ovary that ruptured causing massive internal bleeding and required a rapid blood transfusion.

low testostrone

I feel like Maca is helping me be a bit more calm. So far so good. This does concern me but I am loathe to draw attention to it incase the testosterone is withdrawn or reduced as my GP is not knowledgeable on the subject.

low testostrone

I was using Testim for a few years, but I hated the smell and mostly feared getting thus stuff on the kids. I finally just am starting to hopefully figure something out. Fran February 25,7: It completely disappears over low testostrone months of the year. I must apologise for taking so long to publish and reply to your comment but I have been away in South Africa low testostrone with a family bereavement.