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Cortisone Injection...Beware if you have diabetes!

cortisone steroid injection weight gain

Ziegler started looking for a drug that would give the same performance but without any side effects. This is a complex motivation and therefore it is difficult to determine the addictive properties of anabolic steroids. I go in tomorrow for the shot have you tried that?

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It is very confusing. This is how he found methandrostenolone, an anabolic steroid. I ask because I'm not sure what to expect. Anti-inflammatory injections contain a substance called cortisone, which is naturally produced by the body, in the adrenal gland. For example, a 30 g pin is actually thinner than a 19 g pin. When individuals stop injecting themselves with anabolic steroids , for example when they are 'cycling', their muscle gain may drop.

Cortisone Pills Side Effects. Systemic Side Effects of Steroid Shots. Knee Pain and Cortisone Shot. How Does Solu-Medrol Work? Cortisone Cream as a Moisturizer for the Face. Side Effects of IP Pills. How Does Diclofenac Sodium Work? Joyce, I am sorry you are suffering from PF.

I have it in both feet and have had pain for years after walking or standing a lot but it has gotten worse the last couple months so I went to the foot dr and have braces on each foot and was told to do stretches and I got a cortisone shot in each foot very painful and then they wrapped my feet in medicated guaze and I was told to keep my feet wrapped for days.

I'm wondering why you don't recommend the shots? What a complex complaint PF is. Nothing seems to be the same as in treatment, just the pain which is nothing like other pain.

What sometimes works or suits 1 doesn't another. I had a Cortizone injection 2 months ago which didn't improve. In general I am told to wear gel heels and then for me I find they make it worse, no matter how soft they are. I find soaking my feet in ice is like being in heaven and temporary relief is the taping recommended by the doc.

It takes a lot of the discomfort away. Go onto U Tube to see how to do it. They are the most comfortable things I can wear. It seems to be a complaint that is in curable. Sometimes I am told it can just disappear. I was put out for manipulation and injections of the foot, and find a week later it's still painful and tender. You go in for a procedure to reduce pain - that's ironic. Will call the specialist's assistant and see if I can get some information to see if it's a steroid flare.

I'm sick of feet. Have you tried Indometacin, Iv'e had pain in the heel for 6 months but when I started taking 25mg capsules for my knee the plantar fasciitis pain went away within a day and I am now back to walking several miles with no pain' just wish it had worked on my Knee as well.

But can not stretch foot for 2 days, ice 20 minutes every hour for 2 day,stay off as much possible so cortisone can settle. But if I can handle it you can,because I am a big baby. He used the numbing spray as he was doing,but,still felt the initial needle stick not bad but after that nothing. Let me know how it goes! I have had the cortisone injections on both heels and it extremely painful! The doctor told me to go about my day, but what he didn't expect was that it bruised both my feet; slightest touch made me cry!

Not only the spurs but pinched nerve in one and tightened ligaments on both. Treatment for now is physical therapy 3x wkly for 3 wks, expensive running shoes, good arch supports and off my feet for a total of 3 wks.

It depends on the individual. I had an injection done in my knee on March 29th. I still have pain in my knee going in my thigh and back. I didnt ge told any recovery time just that it would be fine straight away. Hi I've just had cortisone injection in my ankle been 3 days still very painful and sore and swollen anyone know how long recovery is? It varies each time but I know how effective it will be as they inject, the more it hurts the better it will be and the doctor says he can feel the needle going in to inflamed tissue and I say don't I know it but carry on you have hit the right spot.

It is sore for a day or two but after that it is a win, win situation with it lasting up to 2 months and then the pain starts coming back so I have to resort to pain killers untill I am allowed another jab, only allowed 3 a year.

Injection work's best on the Knee and vary's on other joints but they are well worth a try. So I have had 3 surgeries on the same foot in the last 10 months. I am very frustrated.

I went back to work a few days ago than today got my 9th cortisone shot. I was told by my Dr that if I don't wear these special braces for the rest of my life I will end up on disability.

Than I he can't guarantee that it's even going to work. I work two jobs both require me to stand can't use a stool job won't allow it. I have no idea what to do at this point. Anything we try doesn't seem to work. I definitely don't have that kind of money especially since I have been out of work for 10 months for something that I should've been able to go back after 6 weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions I am very frustrated at this point.

Looking to get a second opionion. I am really nervous just about to leave your go to the doctors for this injection my nerves are laying havoc help. I just had my first knee injection I really didn't feel pain until 30 mins after. I went to work right after. My Doctor sent me home with an anti immflamatory meds which don't work. My knees feel kinda funny but I think I will know if it actually worked till a few days. My knee injection was painful and I had two days off work.

There is a good webpage on the various side effects of prednisone at the Johns Hopkins website - http: I first took prednisone in very small doses after my wisdom teeth were removed. Not much side effects there, but when I had higher doses - three days of mg IV, then 15 days tapered orally from 50 mg down to 10 mg, I experienced weight gain, sleepiness, horrible heartburn, and late in the taper, insomnia. I recieved no warnings before my intravenous doses were started about weight gain.

The hospital did not put me on a reduced sodium or reduced sugar diet. In fact, they did blood draws to check my vitals and left a note in my medical records that I might be diabetic - because they did the blood draws after I was given the steroids, which messes with your glucose reactions! I now cannot wear most any of my clothing, because they will not fit over my hips and stomach. I gained 20 pounds over two weeks!

I would love to get this weight off, but I don't know what is going to get rid of it. Nothing that has previously worked, is working this time. Guest over a year ago I took 2 different sessions of prednisone, where you take 40mg per day for 1 week and the 2nd week you taper off and take less each day.

I did this for 2 consecutive 2 week sessions. I went from a weak person for 5 years to cooking, cleaning, and happiness all day long with a slight buzz for 1 month mid-march. It is now July and for last month I noticed I've been fitting into my clothes that were falling off of me. I was down to size 4 and couldn't buy anything small enough to fit me a 5'9 female. I overate when I was on steroids and ate lots of ice cream, cake some times 3 servings at once after a meal.

I just never got full. And tons of jolly roger hard candies. Before, no matter what I ate, I could not gain any weight. I have serious bladder disease called Interstitial cystitis for last 5 years. I noticed that my mouth has a funny taste all the time now, and I have a barrel around my waist that actually hangs over my pants.

I feel bloated all the time. I didn't read steroid instructions all the way and didn't eat food with them first week and got stomach aches afterwards and still get them. I was taking steroids for intubatioin granulomas, created by anesthesia tubes too large for my throat I suspect, but these are lumps in my larynx vocal cords from a parathryroid surgery in February, trying to shrink the lumps so I can talk.

I cannot get rid of the dry mouth nor the funny taste since taking the steroids. I still have 1 that I refuse to let them cut out as they say they come back.

Suddenly tho, I feel feel bloated all the time, my gut isn't moving, and it's been 2 months since I took the steroids so I am eating hardly anything or no more than I was before I took them.

The only thing I have done differently is eat tons of hard candy cuz the taste is so bad in my mouth and throat so dry. And lately tons of anti acid tablets because of my stomach issues now. Today I weigh 3 lbs more than I did last night when I went to bed? I do hope that eventually this reverses my metabolism and had I known about these side affects, I would have not taken the steroids at all.

Really makes me mad that doctors don't tell you possible side affects of medications when they prescribe things or do surgical procedures. Guest over a year ago I've had several series of injections into a keloid scar and I've been wondering about the posibility of it causing weight gain.

I've put on 15kg over the last couple of years, just can't seem to stop eating! I had a cat on steroids a few years ago and she went nuts. Her whole personality changed and she had a ravenous appetite, she did eventually return to normal a while after I stopped giving her the tablets.

Iamges: cortisone steroid injection weight gain

cortisone steroid injection weight gain

He used the numbing spray as he was doing,but,still felt the initial needle stick not bad but after that nothing.

cortisone steroid injection weight gain

I am active and healthy yoga teacher- this is the worst thing I have ever been through in terms of foot pain.

cortisone steroid injection weight gain

This helped a lot. That is why many athletes take oral steroids. I've notice since getting injections in neck, my neck is getting cortisnoe. I can't exercise because of problem. I'm sick of feet.